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Looking At The Current Atlanta Falcons Roster, Who Gets Way Too Much Criticism?

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Atlanta Falcons fans, we have an absolute right to criticize players, coaches, and the front office. Without fans, there would be no team. We invest - both literally and figuratively - in the team. Time, money, and emotionally-laden expectations - these are the things we give the franchise. In exchange, we expect a quality product on the field. If there are issues, just like customers of any business, we expect action to address them.

For the most part, the Falcons front office at least appears to be mindful of this dynamic. They tweak their free agency and draft strategy according to need, and they say all the right things. Year to year, we can at least feel confident in our investment. That's not always been the case, but it is now.

All that said, there are always head scratching roster inclusions. These are the players we love to criticize. It's usually only a handful of guys, but these players dare not commit a single on-the-field transgression, lest we immediately forget any positive contributions.

The first player that comes to mind is Kroy Biermann. He re-signed with the team in March, disappointing a sizable faction of the Falcons fanbase. Given his persistent overuse and $4 million cap hit in 2014, I can see why some wanted the front office to let him walk. But remember, this is now Dan Quinn's team, and for less than $2 million in 2015, he will back up presumptive starter Brooks Reed. If he's horrible in training camp and the Falcons have a cheaper option, he's only guaranteed $500K on this 1 year, prove it deal.

So now that I've eliminated the low-hanging fruit, let's hear from the rest of you. Which current player, for whatever reason, gets way too much flack? Discuss!

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It's professional football. Aka entertainment football. Smh sure the end game is to be the best but at the end of the day it's a business. A machine that will chew up and spit out whoever. But I agree with Julio. He is probably the only one on the roster that will get in the HOF. If Matt gets had a SB ring then I'd say he wa the most talk about but he wouldn't be if he had the ring so yea Julio.

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ok according to the thread title, CURRENT roster/team who gets too much criticism?

Mike Smith.........because that era is over and yet people are still harping on what went wrong the last few years and the playoff losses. It's a new crew, no need to continue to criticize the former

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