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X-Factor For Our Offense This Year.

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More antone love fest -_-. Dude is a gadget player that shouldn't get more than 4 carries a game,we saw what happened when he was given more playing time, he didn't so anything.

For your question I will say the X-factor for the offense this year excluding guys like Julio,Ryan

I would say will be Tevin Coleman. Freeman is going to be that solid move the chains type guy,who will start early on but Tevin he will be that x-factor who will move the chains and break those long runs that wear out defenses.Makes those game changing plays with a blink of an eye.

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Hester, along with Antone can be x factors from game to game. They are both explosive options buried down our depth chart. Our offense will be way more unpredictable. Coleman, Freeman, Jones, White, and Tamme will help take the pressure off the backup skill position players and vice versa. Dont forget we can hand the ball off to Hester or Jones every once in awhile.

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I like this...and completely agree that between Beasly and Hageman one will be the biggest X factor on our team.

I was geeked when we drafted him after hearing so much,about him at the senior bowl. He just looked so dominating I thought he would come in and compete for rookie of the year. With a year of getting into the best shape he can I think he is primed to explode lol

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