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Still Need A Tight End? Pryor Is Moving To Wr.

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Now, I know I just said WR. This guy is 6'5" and about 240lbs running a 4.4. This guy is worth looking at for TE and I don't think he would care if you made him a LS...


Terrelle Pryor has had a change of heart about a position switch.

Waived by the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday, Pryor wants to be considered as a wide receiver, agent Drew Rosenhaus told NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport.

Before latching on with the Bengals in early May, Pryor had said, "If I can't play quarterback, I can't play football."

The NFL has essentially informed him that he can't play quarterback.

The Bengals were his last shot, as offensive coordinator Hue Jackson has been one of his biggest boosters. Jackson was head coach in Oakland when the Raiders selected Pryor in the 2011 Supplemental Draft.

At 6-foot-5 and 235 pounds with 4.40 wheels and rare athleticism, Pryor might be more suited to the "move" tight end role rather than wide receiver.

Either way, he'll be forced to learn a new position at the highest level of football against defensive backs who have spent most of their lives mastering the nuances of their own position.

It will be an interesting experiment.

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I'm good. It's way late to figure out the nuances of route running and body positioning, to say nothing about catching the ball with his hands and at the highest point. If it was just about size and speed, there would be a lot more guys doing it.

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most of the best tight ends in the league can't block. The ones who can block are mostly the ones with no type of talent in their bones.

Most TE's in the league can block mate, to some degree. If you can't block at all (like a QB wouldn't be able to) then you have to be a guy like TG to make up for it.

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J is right actually. Minus a few guys.

Either way I think bringing on a project like Pryor is a little bit too tall a task. It's not like he would come in and contribute right away. This is going to take time, and probably a lot of it.

take gronk for example, he isn't the best blocker in the world(I'm lying) but he's a **** of an athlete, then you have a guy like Ben harstock (maybe spelled his name wrong) who isn't the greatest tight end but he's an overall solid blocker.

End of the day, I don't think they are gonna bring in anyone else unless there is an injury

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I don't think you read what I said right

My point is TE's from every level of talent can usually block. Unless you're a once in a generation talent at receiving you have to be able to block. Gronk is one of the best blocking TE's in the league. Witten can block very well, Davis is a key blocker for the 9'ers, Gresham prior to his injury. Guys like Gates, Miller (both of them), they can all block well enough to not need to be taken off the field if they're not running routes. Only Graham and maybe Julius Thomas are porous blockers.

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