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Us Open At Chambers Bay


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Gotta admit I was skeptical of this one with this type of course and being televised on Fox with freaking Joe Buck and Curt Menifee trying to provide golf analysis, but I'll be damned if this isn't some entertaining golf so far. Helluva leaderboard starting off with some powerhouses still to play the first round.

If not for DJ's 65 my money would've been on Speith going in but I gotta like Johnson's prospects now. This Day/Speith group followed by Tiger/Fowler is gonna be fun to watch tonight. Expecting better things from Mickelson over the next couple days too...

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It is a unique course, I will give them that. Don't think I am crazy about it, but I like that it is different.

Fox's coverage is a different story. Obviously, they are guys I am just not use to hearing, so it's different. I am accustom to Nantz, Tirico Maltbie, Azinger, Faldo, Miller, North, Hicks, Rankin, feherty, etc.

I can get use to the new guys eventually, some are Okay. They just aren't showing enough golf.Top guys are playing, Rory,Phil, Rose, Tiger,and they aren't showing shots. They just keep talking to studio guys. It's the same for everyone. A guy buries it in the bunker, then you see them tapping in 10 minutes later. It is very choppy coverage. Should get better though.

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I know the word "ridiculous" has a negative connotation to it, so I don't necessarily mean this as a bad thing, but everything about this tournament is ridiculous. The course reminds me of something you'd unlock on a video game where you play in space or something. From the course itself with the bunkers and the fescue to the unreal greens and the poa annua to the ******* trains whizzing by every five minutes... it's all just ridiculous. But it's been entertaining.

The Fox coverage is another story... It took them two days to figure out how to put the graphic with the player they were showing and his score, etc... they're completely ignoring certain guys who are near the top of the leaderboard, and the commentary is atrocious. It's almost like these guys have never witnessed a golf tournament before. I get that it's their first shot at this and they're not gonna be nearly as majestic as the CBS guys but they could've done a much better job picking a crew. WTF are Curt Menifee and Charles Davis even doing there?

Biggest gripe, however, is that I haven't seen one single shot of Paulina Gretzky. That better change tomorrow.

Spieth, DJ, Day. Winner comes from that group and I'm a happy fan. Would love JB Holmes to make a run at it tomorrow but I don't see it. Final round should be fun to watch.

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