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Mini Camp Day 3 Pics

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It's that time again. Pic time.

New Technique on shedding a blocker by Paul Soliai. He looks in pretty good condition.


What kind of Freak practices in this in the Atlanta Heat?


Nice thick build on Grady. Kroy is looking a lot better this year. I have to admit, he doesn't have the soft conditioning. Almost looks like his 2008 rookie season.


What do you think when your an offensive coordinator and your looking at this man to help your offense??


Matt Ryan looks in fantastic shape. Muscle tone, good bulk. Usually he comes in skinny and soft but this year he looks fantastic. I think he is doing this because he knows he doesn't have to throw the ball 50 times a game. If anyone remembers Matt Ryan in 08, he was a big dude. After that, it seems like he got skinnier and skinnier. Now I see a complete looking athlete.


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I think Ryan's conditioning has improved with experience.I noticed the big difference in 2012.He seemed tohave more zip on his throws and for all the shots he had taken I believe it was needed.If he had have stayed in the same shape he was 2008-10 I reckon he'd have been worse off now.

Kroy was also coming off an achilles last year and my belief is that through his whole off season with regards to conditioning off.I think Biermann can be a nice piece to this defense and ST's and now with the help & competition around him I think he'll have a fairly decent year.

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Guest King Jigsaw

Solial is practicing for those saints guards!!

What Saints guards? They had to get rid of them due to salary cap heIl.

I've read reports that they will be playing a three-man offensive line to stay under the cap.

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