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Day 2 Mashburn Mini Camp (Mucho Better)

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Today was a lot better then yesterday. I feel comfortable now with moving forward. And I could judge who was better and who was not. And they took care of the fans today, minus one incident.

first lets talk players.........


- Ryan grade 9

- - interception by Allen

- - He has to throw the ball quick because of the line coming after him. He should have been sacked once.

- Yates. grae 7.5

- - At times he looks like a grade 9. but then other times you just wonder where he was throwing to.

- - takes a while to read what to do.

- renferee grade 7

- - still learning and had interceptions. but doubt he makes the team.

- - seems to have lost his arm for throwing deep as well. (strange)


It is really hard to judge the line since they are not hitting.

I love how Quinn works with them on drills. he really gets in their face and helps. And he stays with them the most. Our line practicing looks crazy different. a lot lot better. thank you quinn.

- Vic

- - Looked good on speed. but who knows how he will be when he is actually hit.

- Biermann...... don't hate me.

- - Looks good. really good. not like Vic good, but a lot better.

- - even made a tip and almost had a interception.

- Maponga

- - Got of the line fast who ever was overing him just went after someone else instead of trying to guard maponga. I wish I knew who it was. and my picture don't say of the shot.


again hard to judge.

Shanahhan is really work with them. He is really getting it drilled to hit and move the guy. there is no playing around.

- Polomabu??? not sure of the name. but he made a bad call. He was to drop back and Help freeman out. But instead he dropped back and ran over freeman. then he had no clue where to go. Maybe a bad day, but it was a costly one.


Love seeing Coach Morris work with them. he really really shows them what to be doing when they mess up. He even gets onto others trying to tell other players what to do; and it is probably because it could mess up a player. I'm very impressed with him being a coach.

- Allen has really made me 100% ok with FS. I still have to see how he does when he hits. but he is doing great. covers well and is a ball hawk. Very impressed with him.

- Ishmael is doing well. just doesn't have the ball hawk like Allen does.

- Trufant good as always

- Alford looks slightly better then he did last year. And last year he looked great at camp.

- Collins..... yeah haven't seen much. maybe someone else saw something he did.

- 45 had a interception. easy one. but he got it.


- Freeman.

- - good. just if the hole closed, he still tries for it. and he battles his way through. so people think he is doing great, but they lack understanding these guys can put him on his butt right now.


- - Moves to where there is a plan B if the hole closes.

- - but did fumble the ball almost and made a bad judgment where to go.

- FB???? we need one.


- Toilololol

- - I would cut him. sorry but he lacks in catching. but you cannot because we have no one else.

- Tamme

- - good hands. made a great catch two days in a row.

- - just want to see him block on the line. and have to wait until they can hit.


All I want to say on Julio is..... he is getting covered hard. still makes a catch at times. but he missed 3 today. could have been bad throws and etc. but the CB was all over him like they should. He is going to be better with Morris coaching the boys how to cover right.

- Mitchell.

- - good catches. but had a drop and then fumbled the ball almost.

- Hardy

- - not flashy, but he catches and does his job.


- seen nothing today.

Overall D looks great. cannot wait until they are allowed to hit. Offense has some work to do, but they are learning something very new to them imo. Plus it is hard

for the O to look great when the D looks great.

Love how Quinn, Shannahan and Morris are. love those additions. Not sure on the others, but I love how those 3 coach. (Of course Robiskie and Armstrong are always great to see. just saying those new faces are nice additions to teaching/coaching)

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Today they did better for the fans. A lot better. they did run out of water/gatorade for 10 minutes. So I am sure the complaints are coming. but besies that it was all about the kids. Was great to see they games they did and what they won. They were giving out X-boxes, pictures with signatures and etc. Very very proud they did that for them. Even the twitter that Jay does was spot on for kids; you had to be a kid and sing a cartoon song. I saw it and told the nearest kid and his mom to go do it. they were happy with what ever signature they got. agina. LOVE LOVE it that they had a strong passion for the kids. I even heard one kid say he was no longer a panther fan and is now a full blooded falcon. I laughed but that is what makes you a fan for these little guys. So a huge thank you to the falcons for that.

and now for pictures.........






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Guest facelessman07

Always enjoy your pics and write-ups!

Still surprised so many were/are in the dark about munky's true identity, 'cept a few of us that have known for awhile. Glad he decided to reveal it

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Great write up and pics, also i tried sending a pm but it wouldn't go through so i will post it here

"My bad for attacking you the other day, you're a great poster and i love your pics, hope we're cool man!"

it's all cool. we are cool. I read you wrong. thanks for the apology and being the bigger guy in the situation as well. also something is wrong with my mail I think. you are the second person who said they could not write me.

Also thanks. today was a better day for me. I felt like I could evaluate the players. yesterday felt like training. But yesterday I feel was made to see if someone could play other positions and a harder form of evaluating.

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I didn't know munky was Mash!

Anyhow, as always, stellar job and it's always appreciated!

I hope you're able to do the same with Training Camp this year. Plllllleeeeeaaaaaassssseeeee!

of course. But I really need to see if someone can be there with me to write down what I say. Today I came home and realized there was a couple things I wanted to report and totaly forgot. Example: who all the interceptions were).

and yep I am out of the closet. :D

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of course. But I really need to see if someone can be there with me to write down what I say. Today I came home and realized there was a couple things I wanted to report and totaly forgot. Example: who all the interceptions were).

and yep I am out of the closet. biggrin.png

What's happening Mash?????

Thanks for the coverage.....

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