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All This Pre-Draft Talk About Beasley's Size Was Ridiculous

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All the hot air about a player's size reminds me of one of the most VICIOUS hitters ever to play in the NFL......Lester Hayes, CB for the Raiders in the 70's and 80's.He was 6' tall, 200 lbs. and could put anybody on IR with one hit.Anybody.One h.ell of a DB, a pure football wrecking machine.200 lbs.

not one of your better points my friend. 6'0" 200lb. CB back in the 1980's was HUGE. CBs defending 200lb WRs is different than DE/LEO going up against 320lb OTs.

Apples & Oranges.

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At their combines Mack was 251 while Beasley was 246.

true but he did not play at that weight. Beasley will be just fine but he was a poor run defender and the lack of bulk probably has something to do with it.

^^this. he might have put on weight, but he is not used to carrying it or playing at it.

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