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Tre'davious White

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LSU is commonly referred to as "DBU," or Defensive Back University, so it's no surprise that the Tigers are on ESPN's list for top five defensive duos in the SEC. But what may surprise LSU fans is that defensive backs Tre'Davious White and Jalen Mills came in at No. 4.

Here's what ESPN said about the duo:

Shocker, LSU has a defensive back combo on the list. White has the tools and athleticism to be one of the SEC's best cover corners. He's very rangy and has a ton of speed. He only had two interceptions last season, but he can easily improve on that. Mills is one of the league's most experienced defenders and can play all over. He's made his home at safety, but can still cover one-on-one when needed.

I will take either one of them at FS

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Tre'Davious White, LSU

Since we only deal in real talk here at College Football 24/7, it's time to let you know that White might be the most talented cover corner in the college game, even though he doesn't receive much attention. When watching LSU's 2014 game against Alabama, White looked substantially better against Amari Cooper than his teammate, second-round draft pick Jalen Collins. With elite foot quickness, long arms and NFL-caliber speed, White is adept at crowding targets both short and long. He allowed a mind-boggling completion rate of just 23.4 percent and gave up just 4.2 yards per target. His lack of physicality as a tackler in run support is his one, true knock.

Per NFL.com

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