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My Camp Observations 6-16-15

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1-Julio-Clearly the #1 made some nice plays today beating mostly Trufant.

2-White-Held out knee.

3-Hankerson-Not smooth but like Julio had a number of gains. Filled in as #2 admirably kinda herky jerky though.

4-Hardy-More catches in drills that one on ones but this dude is silky smooth in his movement, he looks like he should be #3 as soon as that translates into beating coverage.

5-Hester-excused, death in family.

6-Weems-Great STer but he is the worst WR on this roster.

7-Williams-This dude made as many plays as Jones and Hankerson in 7/7's and 11/11's. Has advantage of playing for Shanny in 13.

8-Wynn-He is already a good looking reciever and they seem to have noticed him. One drop and a double cluth but good hands catcher. Good moves which may be what separates him.

9-Reedy-Of the last three he looked the most polished catching the ball in drills. Williams stole the show in competition. All three could challenge Hester for his spot as #5 WR/PR.

10-Martino-Made a few catches in drills and one notable big gain in two minute. He is buried though.

11-Clark-Long way to go. Not bad hands.

That is the order in which they ran drills and is effectively a depth chart of sorts, no surprises. Williams, Wynn, and maybe Reedy have an outside chance to challenge for Hesters job. If it were strictly for #5 he would be in serious trouble. If anyone steals PR from Hester he is gone. I would trade him to TB where Koetter is the new OC and where Hester almost signed lastyear re-uniting with Lovie Smith.


1-Tamme-He can beat LB's and S's and has very good hands, a welcomed change.


3-Toilolo-He caught the ball better, competition paying dividends. He is buried a blocker. Good blocker though.

4-Gardner-He is already 24. Nice hands and athleticism. If we did get Wright this guy would still be 4. Promising, made a nice one hand grab, couple big gains.

We do not need Wright we have one too many already that will be hard to cut.



LT-Polumbus-Just until Matthews is back. He may have lapped Holmes as swing tackle. Has no business as LT.

LG-Person-Looked good the one time I noticed him.

OC-Stone-Never focused on C's. He is the one while Hawley recovers. Should have two locked up.

RG-Chester-Just until Asamoah is back, should start at LG then.

RT-Schraeder-I watched the LT/LEO battles but he is the one.


LT-Huffer-First guy I noticed on the field. I thought he was 6-6, 285 with a grossly under developed body but his calves are bigger than Lefeld's. This dude looked every bit of 300 lb's with a sturdy lower half. #3 when Matthews returns but could be OL sleeper that wins last spot on the 53 man. He and Lefeld(#3 LT) both beat by Beasley but Vic looks like a 10 sack DE for us this year.

LG-Konz/Gunn-I think thats who played here.

OC-Ume-Ezeoke-There was a fumble on his rep but dont know if it was snap or hand off.

RG-Lefeld-Also played last couple snaps of practice as 3rd LT. Beaten by Beasley for a sack on last play of practice.

RT-Holmes-Only keyed on him once and somebody beat him with power swatting his hands down, may have been Jackson. Rodgers got snaps here also held his own time or two I noticed him.

Matthews and Hawley worked in 2nd rotation during position drills but left field for team work. Matthews looks fine/strong. Hawley seems recovered too. They will gradually work back in I guess. Cant wait to see Huffer in live action. They signed him late after a try out at rookie mini camp. May be a find. All four rookie OL seem to have a shot at roster or making for a solid PS.


1-Ryan-Looked great.

2-Yates-Looked good.

3-Renfree-Looked good, will be a good competition between he and Yates when pre-season rolls around.

4-Wenning-Jersey #4. I think its Keith Wenning. He wore a white jersey like rest of offense unlike QB's who wore black. Threw the last pass of drills to Clark. Maybe a tryout. Spot to give with Baker gone, but any QB signed has no shot it seems.


1-Freeman-Starter and picked up pass rusher on first rep.

2-Coleman-Few good catches.

3-A. Smith-Did not notice him.

4-J. Smith-Had a strong inside run.

5-Ward-Looks like baby Turner, had a good sideline catch.

Freeman run hard, Coleman runs fast. Antone is #2 speed, Ward or Jerome will be #2 brute. I did not notice FB except Mooney blocking on one run play.


LEO-Biermann/Beasley/StarrAnyamy-Biermann was stymied a lot. Active vs run from LDE with Clayborn here. Starr stood out swatting LT arms down(Huffer). Ran hard downfield to opposite side also he may stick.

RDT-Hageman/Babinaux-Focused on LEO vs LT.

LDT-Soliai/Mbu/Jarrett-These 3 got rotated per situation

LDE-Jackson/Clayborn/Goodman/Matthews/Maponga/Herring-Clayborn had a sure sack following up on a nice bull rush by Beasley into the QB forcing QB into Clayborns path. These guys played inside some too.

SLB-Reed/Schofiled/Bradford-Did not pay much attention here.

They rotated the heck out of the DL and it was hard to follow but the regular guys were easy to spot as they played more. I am excited to see Starr live because he looks to have improved drastically and could be a good developmental LEO. Did not see too much of Goodman/Matthews/Maponga who did play but seem to be losing ground. Mbu and Starr worked in good bit and seem to be gaining ground.


WLB-Durant/Akunne/Bartu-Akunne looks to be getting a lot of work with Spruill slow to return, Could make the most of it. Only saw Bartu in on D once running RB out of bounds on short rec.

MLB-Worrilow/Stupar-Stupar seems to be solidifying #2 and is a proven STer. Worrilow still beaten in coverage for big gains, Tamme I think.


1-Trufant-Beaten a lot today but it was Julio, Hankerson some too I think.

2-Alford-Undersized at RCB and ineffective at NCB.

3-Adams-Seems to be the most effective NB and maybe the only one.

4-Collins-Solid at RCB, Beaten for good gain one time that I remember.

5-King-Also solid at RCB after Collins. At worst, should be much better in coverage as SS than Kemal beaten often by TE's and RB's.

6-White-LCB after Tru, got scorched by Julio but pass was incomplete. Did not notice him much afterwards other than pre-snap.

7-Mincy-Seems like early favorite at NB after Adams and Alford, but he is beaten off the LOS early and often.

8-Floyd-Looks like being tried at NB, thats all I noticed.

9-Lee-Did not see much of him other than sidelines.

10-Southward-Recovering from knee surgery but could make things worse for Alford at RCB or flood into FS race hurting Godfreys chances.


1-Moore-Held out of action it seemed.

2-Ishmael-#1 SS burned a lot in coverage, not deep though.

3-Allen-Single high

4-Godfrey-#2 FS but I think he will get pushed off roster by CB/S depth.

5-Parms-Essentially #3 SS, had a pick off a deflection. Maybe PS.

6-Baker-Some SS but seems to be losing ground.

7-Therezie-Like Lee I mostly saw him on the sideline.

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Yeah good catch. Beasley played LEO behind Biermann best I could tell. The SLB was on that side of the field so he could have technically been that too. Looked like Bealey was 4 DL brought in on pass rush situations. They had a continual string of different DL lineups with Goodman on both ends I think. Saw Matthews on sideline mostly. Saw Maponga entering or exiting a couple times but like I said I did not focus on the left side of the DL so if they were in there it went unnoticed on my part. Beasley seemed to wreak havoc in a hurry every time he was inserted, looked to be over LT who he generally destroyed. That was not a knock on the LT's. I think Huffer looked pretty good pushing the pass rush around the backside to buy time.

Hardys movement at WR is inspiring. He looks like he could be special.

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Thanks for sharing.

Interested in seeing what they do at FS. I wonder if they look at the logjam at cornerback and just stick with a bunch of them to be depth for both CB and FS. I suspect that Southward could handle it. Certainly has the speed for coverage.

That's something I don't really get about what Quinn's doing. I get that he thinks Southward can fit as a corner in this defense, but it would seem that if the goal is to get the best guys on the field and Southward would be your fourth corner, it would make sense to try him at FS (where he was drafted) and see if he can develop into that guy for you.

Of course, my understanding or lack thereof has exactly ZERO bearing on reality, so just have to assume that Quinn sees something that makes him think he's not suited to FS in this defense.

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Good job writing all that up. You must have been standing by yourself with a notepad to get all that information. It's tough to see and remember a lot because there is so much going on.

I definitely noticed Nick Williams on the field a lot and he looked pretty good. I couldn't really remember who he was. Of course, Hester and Roddy weren't practicing, but good for him that he got some good practice time.

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