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Vikings Release Taylor Mays

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Mays' is SS/LB and we need FS help more IMO...He is recovering from shoulder surgery, popped out of the socket on an October 27 tackle attempt tearing the labrum in two places... Could be why he got cut...

Didn't know about his injury. I read he followed Zimmer to Minn, but he was buried on the depth chart.

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seems I remember him coming out saying carrol didn't teach him right. Maybe I'm thinking of someone else but didn't he come from USC?

He had a problem with Carroll because he alleged that Carroll told him he would be the 1st round pick of the Seahawks, but then went with Earl Thomas instead. Still, it wasn't a big deal, I thought May's handled it pretty well.

That being said, he has done jack with his talents thus far, and he's had plenty of chances.

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