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Sam Baker Released

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Hate how injuries killed his career. Sam is a great guy and hopefully he'll have a career of some kind in the NFL even as a backup, obviously his recovery didn't go how the Falcons wanted it to. Hop

I wish him the best in the rest of his life. Always seemed like a high quality dude. Just couldnt get his body to cooperate.

A chronic back problem and two torn patella tendons. What's "play-throughable" about those injuries?

1) where in his post did he even mention Baker?
2) you're insane

you can t really be this dumb can you? oh wait, nm.

He's been riding this act for years...


Posts #45 and #55.

Oh, but he's not Big Rob, though.

Speaking of alt accounts, a big thanks to Swift for bumping the above thread before he was banned earlier today so that it was quickly and easily found in my browser history.

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I've had my fun with Baker the last few years (usually cartoon or Photoshop mashup), but I don't wish anything bad for the guy.

Like some others have already said in this thread, if you're going to be mad at anyone regarding Baker's tenure here be mad at Dimitroff for that 2nd Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes contract he gave Baker.


Truthfully, I think some don't really understand what is taking place. From 2000 and on we were always a hopeful team. Then we had Smith and got the "W's" but there was always something missing. Now we have someone who isn't afraid to come in and diagnose issues.

This is what it looks like when you get a new HC who has a complete vision and isn't having to share with the GM and/or president. Its a new era and while I am not happy about someone losing their job, I am thrilled with the direction.

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