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At Least The Falcons Have Some Self-Respect

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Got this from CBSSports.com. "Colts hang 'AFC Finalist' banner at stadium, Internet laughs at them

Link: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/25211107/colts-hang-afc-finalist-banner-at-stadium-internet-laughs-at-them

Can you imagine the sneers generated if the Falcons were to hang a banner for participating in Super Bowl XXXIII or the 2012 NFC Championship game? Should the Colts be let off any lighter? A team should only commemorate those contests and titles they win. You don't get any points for trying; attempting to just makes you look pathetic.

It why those "awards" given out in the second grade mostly went into the trash immediately after school. "Alright class, everyone's getting a ribbon for participation. Yes, everyone's a winner!"

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