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[Hfl] Haxfootball League

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Hey everyone, I have been playing this game online that is a muli-player game based on football. It is called haxfootball and is played on haxball (www.haxball.com) hence why it is called haxfootball. It is played 4v4 with each user controlling one "dot". The thing about it though is that each team makes their own strategies and plays, which is different in a way from Madden where there are pre made plays and strategies. So in a gaming sense, it is like being on a football team or if you are the GM, being the coach and GM of that team, which is kinda cool.

How to play: The rules are based on american football and you can watch this video to learn the basic rules of the game:

Game play: Here is a video from a couple of seasons ago that shows some of the league game play:

How do I play: You can play by going to haxball.com, choosing a nickname, and then joining a room that either has "[HFL]" or "Haxfootball" in the title. If there is a password, it will be trash2. Pubs are usually hosted in the afternoon after 5 PM EST, so that is the best time to look for a room to play in. You could also host a room if there are none open. League games occur on weekends at either 2 or 3 EST (rip when Falcons are on).

How to Join the League: You can sign up at www.haxfb.com. If you sign up, please post the username you used so I can get you accepted into the league.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask me. If you want me to link you to a gameroom when one is up, ask me too. Hopefully some more Falcons fans join and I can draft you to my team, the Atlanta Dirty Birds. Thanks.

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