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Yeah, there were quotes from Tru where he was talking about expanding his role & being more of a leader of the CBs

Oh ok. I knew I saw his name and quotes somewhere

Crazy how time flies. Dude is already emerging as a leader. No surprise though, he's got the talent to back it up. Hopefully we'll see his best year thus far this season.

I think we will. It's in his bloodline
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Here's the skinny.... Tru is the real deal.....

Trufant evolving into a leader: Desmond Trufant has already established himself as one of the more promising young cornerbacks in the NFL. Now a veteran, expectations have been raised considerably — both in terms of what he’s capable of on the field and what he can offer his teammates. With this in mind, coaches are asking him to focus on improving himself rather than worry about the competition. It seems he’s taken their advice to heart.

“I know I haven’t reached where I want to go, but at the same time, I know I’m a good player,” Trufant said. “I’m just working every day, trying to be the best. If they’re not saying I’m the best, I’m not really listening to them.”

In addition to taking the next step as an individual, Trufant has started to embrace a leadership role. Among those who can benefit from his tutelage is rookie Jalen Collins.

“I know when I first came in, I had guys like Robert McClain,” Trufant said, “guys that were helping me as a rookie. So it’s only right that I do that for (Collins).

“He’s tall and long. He’s just willing to learn. He’s not 100 percent right now, but he’s getting better. We’re excited to see him; the coaches are excited to see him. He’s going to be a big help for us.”

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Anyone else noticing Biermann bouncing around like a beercan being kicked? Coincidence? I think not...

He looked like he was in a good position to make the tackle and backed down until Gresham got the first down.

i know Kroy isn't the greatest & it's cool to hate on him... But he actually played that pretty well. He is why the plant got flushed to the sideline, which allowed Tru to come up and attemp the tackle. Biermann's taking a shove from behind by the WR is why largely why he couldn't make a play before Gresham got the 1st. Despite the shove in the back, Kroy finished the play.
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Ha. Accurate.

Seeing a guy who truck stick trufant twice a year. could make for a good personal rivalry in our rivalry game

Do you even think this stuff out before you post it? As a self proclaimed "Falcon fan," you think it'd be interesting to see Trufant get "truck sticked" twice a year? I'm glad you've at least given up trying. Probably a lot easier on you.

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