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Nfl Richest Contracts -- Matt Ryan

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Cam's deal is probably going to look like a bargain too in the near future. As these qbs of the future keep getting their deals. The price is going to go up and up and up. It certainly seemed like a lot when Matt signed it, but with a little bit of perspective, his deal actually isn't that expensive.

One thing that would worry me if I was a Panthers fan is how the Panthers are falling into the same trap in thinking that if you have a mobile QB you can be cheap with the oline.

That never ends well...

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QBs get paid like they play by themselves

I hear clown school now offers a class on being a forum troll and one on how to sound really stupid while posting, is this true?

I think you failed the troll class but made an A+ in the stupid posting class so it must be true

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Matt deserves it.


Wake up

No one DESERVES that kind of money. LOL what a sheep.

I can think of 2 Million American soldiers and police officers and teachers and fire fighters that deserve it.

You keep paying Ryan and let the people who DESERVE a good living struggle.

People wonder what's wrong with America.

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