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Danight Invades Nc


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No crap... I literally saw a hoarse pulling a cart with a guy and women on it. Going down the road.

I don't recall ever seeing that before yet no one seemed phased by it. Drivers are passing it like a car. What's the breaking system like for a hoarse?

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I was there because i had a family member in the hospital. Id have to say its unique there.

first, hope all s well. second, yeah it is a different type of people there.

off subject a little. I am used to the friendly indians on the east coast, cheerokee/apachee/etc. I went out west...... I felt like I was getting the finger with their eyes every time they saw me. it was nuts. it was nuts. I was at a scenic road stop and there was a few indians there how were selling stuff. I glanced as I was getting out. The women started telling me prices and I kindly said thanks and kept walking to take a picture. She then said that it would be best for me to keep walking. I took a picture and walked back to my car. as I did something in their language was said, not a clue but she was looking at me. when I was looking at her I saw a sign that said there that spot you could not sell anything at. I so badly just wanted to say that to her or point up at the sign. but who knows what that would have lead to. but it left me shaking my head. and I lost a ton of respect for indians. The only indians who were nice to me was Navajaro tribe. they were as friendly as the indians here.


Then I wanted to go to this waterfall when I was near the grand canyon. I asked the ranger at the grand canyon how to get to it. and he said it's hard and you have to hire someone. I told him about what hikes I did and etc. and he replied back that it was not the hike at all, it was the tribe. He asked me if I planne on taking pictures and I said of course. He then basically told me there is a tribe there and they are actually crack heads (no joke). If they see cameras they will steal it and if you slightly fight back, they will kill you. They honestly do not know who has been killed down there and who has not. simply because how do you know if a torrist got lost there unless they told someone they were ging there. and not to long ago a journalist from national geographic was killed there.


The funny thing is when I called this place a month before making my trip. I had a guy at the campground tell me I had to make reservations. which I know some places are like that. so I didn't think any thing of it and said when do you have avilable. he told me basically nothing was until november. I said that I wouldn't be able to and it stinks because I would love to take a picture there. he then asked if it was for commercial use or not. and I said just for personal use and explained what kind of cameras and stuff I would have. I kid you not he said oh wait I told you wrong we actually have a reservation opening for memorial day weekend. I said ok and stated my party and etc. his reply back was only I could come....... and now I know why.

people who see it usually make reservations (basically protection) or they go down the colorado river and hike ten miles up from there. because you only pass one tribe.

The ranger asked me what was carrying and I told him I was not because of the all the states I was crossing. and he let me know that Arizona is a open carry. I almost fell on the ground laughing. but honestly you have to protect yourself if you plan on hiking past tribes out there. the only tribe I ran across that wasn't rude was the navarajo tribe. all the others want to scalp you and if you do not buy something who knows how hostile they get. sounds harsh, but it is truth.

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I believe it. Im not one of those naive people who thinks where ever you go your safe. Except in some parts of Florida. They confused the crap out of me. I used ghetto street logic at busch gardens in tampa. I felt like i was in another country. The only people i saw who spoke english was employees. The other people went out their way to photobomb the crap out of you.

Literally i could have been at the UN with all the languages i thought i heard. what really blew my mind was personal space. Where im from you respect peoples personal space. There no one had any clue what that ment. If people got any closer i was gonna yell rape and that was by women and kids getting to close to me. I dont like being touched and i watch out for pickpockets. But i had women with that thing on their head come sit right next to me so close i couldn't put my hand beside me without touching her. What confused me was there was places to sit elsewhere and shaded. There was no reason to be so close. Im married to so i didnt want my wife tripping out. She was acting like being next to me was gonna protect her from something. She had her purse right next to me. No one where im from puts their purse next to a stranger.

Now tampa was ghetto. I went to their walmart and i thought a riot was gonna break out at 1 am. But i actually felt more normal there. Because i understood what was happening. Busch gardens left my mind blown up.

Like with rain people where take cover like we are getting bombed. Im like screw it, whats the worse that can happen i can die from a lightning strike?

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