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A Pleasant Surprise: Make Your Choice

A Pleasant Surprise  

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  1. 1. If you could have one Pleasant Surprise this season, what could it be?

    • Falcons run the ball - top 12 running game
    • Getting Sacks - top 10 in sacks
    • Win Loss Record - win 10 or more games
    • Sweep the division - Almost did it last year
    • Top 10 Defense - compared to last year it's a surprise
    • Other - comment and Ill add it in

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I agree with you guys that top 10 defense would be amazing... but I think that is too far of a stretch to be reality. It's not tempered enough to be a pleasant surprise

Didn't you make the poll & put a top 10 defense as one of your pleasant surprise selections?

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Didn't you make the poll & put a top 10 defense as one of the selections?

yeah why am I even responding to you

just because I vote one way doesn't mean others should not be allowed to vote their own way

I'm not a communist Chinese I believe in free democracy

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Why not just pick the 10+ win option? That's a guaranteed 10 wins.

Only five of the ten teams with top ten defenses won 10+ games last year

All but one of the top ten offenses won 10+ games last year.

If we have a top ten defense next year the impact goes beyond just wins next year.That would mean just about every defensive draft pick was a hit and so on.

Think we're really just arguing semantics though.I'd be happy with just about any of the options really.

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I'm going top 10 defense. As long as we're healthy, 10 wins shouldn't be a surprise. We have a franchise QB, a new coaching staff, and the easiest schedule in the league. 10 wins shouldn't be a foregone conclusion but it shouldn't be a surprise either.

^^ He understands.

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