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Thanks Prince Shembo. You made this transaction much easier to figure out who to cut.

This is Tuggle here, reminding everyone that... Japan is ******* weird yo

I glanced at it but looked like whe was cherry picking 2013 stats in order to fit his argument. He never acknowledged that Chester is a better fit schematically than Blalock.

most likely the 4 deep depth chart going in to camp

LT: Matthews, Baker, Holmes, Lefeld

LG: Chester, Person, Smith, Replogle

OC: Hawley, Stone, Konz, Ume-Ezeoke

RG: Asamoah, Konz, Gunn, Stone

RT: Schraeder, Polumbus, Rodgers, Huffer

Sackmaker Baker and King Konz will probably get cut. That $5.4M needs to go back in the bank.

Jake, Shredder, Puddin, Rogers and Lefeld can handle the outside. Asa, Chester, Brawley, Person and Stone can handle the inside.

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be honest with yourself, if Chris Chester was so good, why was he released?

fact, not fiction, Chris Chester is 33 years old...

average age of our projected offensive line is 26 years old

Look, injuries happen and when you are long in the tooth, players become more injury prone, fact.

look in the mirror playboy, Chris Chester is not the answer at guard, he is better suited as a situational backup in case our main guard goes down

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Sackmaker Baker and King Konz will probably get cut. That $5.4M needs to go back in the bank.

Jake, Shredder, Puddin, Rogers and Lefeld can handle the outside. Asa, Chester, Brawley, Person and Stone can handle the inside.

I like where your head is at... cut the fat, bye bye Baker

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After reading his draft profile coming out of Oklahoma, I understand his career trajectory better.

Looks like a great pick up.


Chester is a late bloomer who found a home on the offensive line as a senior, despite battling injury problems in 2005. He came to the Oklahoma program as a 240-pound tight end, adding over 60 pounds of bulk and muscle as a product of the Sooners' renowned training room. His athletic ability is superior to most collegiate down linemen and his quickness and previous experience have pro scouts also considering him as a tight end.

A two-time Golden West All-League and first-team All-Orange County selection by the Los Angeles Times, Chester was rated the eighth-best tight end in the nation by Rivals.com during his senior year at Tustin High School.

Chester gained 815 yards with 11 touchdowns receiving as a senior, and rushed for 450 yards and five scores. He also competed as a defensive end, earning league Defensive Player of the Year honors. He was also an accomplished basketball player and discus thrower.

Chester redshirted in 2001 at Oklahoma. He appeared in seven games as a reserve tight end in 2002, catching a pair of passes for 25 yards and a touchdown. A knee injury sidelined him for five games in 2003, but he returned for nine games, serving as an extra blocker at tight end. He appeared briefly in two games as a reserve tight end in 2004 and was moved to the offensive line in 2005.

Chester started the season opener and final three games at right guard as a senior. He also earned three starting assignments earlier in the year at center, but battled through a knee injury and a broken bone in his hand most of the year, missing three midseason games. He finished his career starting seven of 27 games.


Positives: Has a solidly built frame with broad shoulders, good upper body muscle tone, well-built thighs and calves, good bubble and flexible hips … Has rare timed speed for a lineman, showing explosiveness coming out of his stance … Has room on his frame to add at least another 20 pounds with no loss in quickness … Gains advantage on drive blocks due to his quickness coming out of his stance … Good positional blocker who has the feet to mirror … Shows very good lateral agility to make the reach block … Engages defenders quickly and uses his leg strength and balance to gain movement … Is developing good hand placement and has the leg drive and agility to drive hard and sustain … Will position and wall off with quickness and works hard to finish … Steps into his blocks and strikes hard with his hands to shock defenders … Quick to reach the second level and is an effective chop blocker … Sinks his hips and keeps his base wide when anchoring … Sets quickly with good awareness to stunts and games when operating at center … Not heavy with his hands on contact, but can control and sustain when grabbing and locking on … Shows good kick slide and lateral ease of movement setting up in pass protection.

Negatives: Needs to refine his technique, as he is still relatively inexperienced as an offensive lineman … Better in pass protection … He needs to develop better hand punch and jolt technique to create movement on run blocks, but showed improvement as the season progressed … Can shock defenders with his punch, but needs to follow through better … Lacks ideal bulk at guard and will get thrown around a bit when he fails to prevent the defender from attacking his body … Had center snap exchange problems early in 2005 and when he suffered a broken bone in his hand, was moved to guard … When he gets high in his pads, defenders find it easier to walk him back into the pocket.

Chester is an excellent athlete with great quickness for an offensive lineman, but is still very raw technique-wise, with only nine games of experience as a guard/center. He is a product of Oklahoma's fine weight training room, having added over 60 pounds to his frame since arriving on campus as a freshman. Because of his speed, leaping ability and experience, some teams might look at Chester at tight end.

His best assets are his lateral range and quickness. He shows good snap quickness, but did have exchange problems arising from accuracy in his three games working at center. He is quick to engage blockers and places his hands suddenly and accurately, using them well to get into his blocks. He has good upper body strength, but could use additional overall bulk.

Chester has good balance on the move, but will get narrow in his stance, making it easy for the defender to get into his chest and walk him back into the pocket. Once he makes contact, he works hard to neutralize his man, but sometimes tries to lean into the opponent, falling off the block. He allows transfer too often, but takes good angles to attack second-level defenders on pulls and traps.

He struggles in pass protection when he does not anchor down, but he has the foot speed and lateral range to stay in front on blocks. He needs to use his hands with more force to lock out and tends to give a soft shoulder, but when he plays smart and uses his hands, he is effective at neutralizing his man.

Because of his lack of experience, he will need time to develop … Might be better suited for guard early in his career in order to get acclimated to blocking schemes and techniques, rather than get too overwhelmed with worrying about snapping and calling blocking assignments at center.

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Which appears to be the short term plan for this regime until they can get a few drafts under their belt. Good news is they appear to have done better at addressing the short term than the last staff. Pretty refreshing to see.

Strange isn't it? I almost feel a bit of confidence and coherence setting in!

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This signing makes our draft that much better.

What we instantly get in Chester that we wouldnt have gotten with a mid to late draftee is his knowledge of our system. Chester doesn't have to worry about everything a rookie has too. He can just go out and play and play fast while he's at it.

Either they knew he might become available through former contacts and drafted as such, or they gambled that a capable Guard would become available.

Either way, they won. It's a good feeling.

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