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Is It Bad That I'm Mainly A Player Fan In The Nba?


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It's yours and the NBA fault we don't have Anthony Davis thoe..

take it up with the NBA for being so secretive about their ping pong balls. How many times have Cleveland leapfrogged teams since LeBron's departure? Don't think some of those teams were mad?

We didn't even steal your team, but I'm surely glad to have the next big superstar.

You sound more angry than the Seattle fans, at least you still have a team....

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REALLY!?? If your argument is that Kobe had great players around him, how do you put Lebron ahead of him?? Lebron surrounded HIMSELF with Wade and Bosch... Bynum was/is a scrub, Odom, Artest and Gasol have done exactly ZERO out of Laker uniforms... I don't get your biased logic??


Lotta MVP trophies in that batch o' bling... you know, for a guy who was always surrounded by great players... BTW, how many rings did Jordan get without Scottie Pippen beside him? Heck, Jordan didn't even win his Olympic medal without Pippen next to him...

There's so much wrong with this post...

First off, Kobe forced himself onto the Lakers when he was drafted... a team that was competitive even AFTER the showtime era, and was obviously on the upswing. They won over 50 games the year before getting Kobe and Shaq (which they got in the same year), along with the assets they got from the Hornets for that trade made them an instant contender and dynasty once Jordan decided to hang it up.

Secondly, Kobe has one MVP. Not a "lotta" like you said. One. He has two Finals MVPs. ****, one of those arguably should be Gasol's Finals MVP. You know who was winning all those MVPs during the early 2000's dynasty era? Shaq, not Kobe. You know who was the whiny me-first selfish b*tch that broke up that Lakers' dynasty? Kobe. He couldn't stand the thought of being second fiddle... it didn't fit in with his second coming of Jordan (which he fell far short of) impersonation that he had planned out for his career. I mean, he already copied and pasted nearly all of the man's moves and tendencies.

Thirdly, Odom, Artest, Gasol, and Bynum were not scrubs during those '09 '10 championship years. Artest was still one of the best defenders in the game and a 3PT threat, Odom was the best 6th man in the league for a while, prime Gasol was one of the best big men in the game and by far the most skilled, and a healthy and young Bynum was outright dominant at times.

You say none of those guys did anything after they left the Lakers. What did Kobe do after they left him? What was he doing before they got there? I'll tell you: jacking up shots and missing the playoffs. What about when Kobe was trying to force a trade to Chicago when they were losing (before Gasol and the gang came to save him)? Much like how he forced himself onto the Lakers in the first place.

You know who wasn't missing the playoffs, even with a garbage supporting cast? LeBron in his Cleveland years. ****, he even drug that 2007 Cavs team to the Finals which was absolute dog **** outside of LeBron, at 22 years old. You can't criticize LeBron when Kobe has done, and attempted to do the same thing... it's just not as highly publicized for whatever reason. LeBron > Kobe all time and it's not even that close anymore. Jordan is the GOAT.

And fyi, Jordan did win the gold without Pippen. He only played on the Olympic squad twice. Once as a rookie (before anyone knew who Pippen was), once more in '92. He brought home the gold both times.

I wasn't shytting on Duncan; some of the things I said in the other thread I said in context of the discussion there, but in no way do I think Duncan is any less than a great player...

He's just under Robert Horry on my list of all time top players... Horry has more rings than Duncan; he won them playing on three different teams... that's three different sets of teammates and coaches, unlike Tim, who's had a consistent gameplan his entire career. Horry's never missed the playoffs and never been bounced in the first round.

7 Championships in 16 seasons... if you had Robert Horry on your team, you were almost 50/50 you were going to win the NBA Finals... smile.png

This whole thing is just ******** and I hope you're just joking, or it reeeally makes me question your basketball knowledge. For f*ck's sake, Tim Duncan is better all time than Kobe as well.

Kobe is a great player, don't get me wrong. HeII, I've actually always really liked Kobe... I'm just honest and not delusional about him like many of his stans are.

Kobe is a great player, but he's also probably the most overrated great player in the history of great NBA players. I have a hard time justifying putting him in the top 10. IF he makes my top 10, then he just barely made the #10 spot. The fact that some people legitimately try to make arguments for him being the GOAT is a joke. That'd be like someone trying to say Troy Aikman is the greatest football player of all time.

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But for the OP, nah, that's not bad. It's pretty much what the NBA aims for with the way they market the players and teams are an afterthought. Superstar players have all the power and leverage in the NBA.

The rare players of LeBron's caliber are pretty much the ******* co-GM/coach of their teams. Especially with the way LeBron has his contract set up. He knows and the Cavs know they have to keep him satisfied or he can leave at any time. Cleveland ****** around and ****** around that first LeBron stint and kept surrounding him with garbage during many of his prime years... they know better than to waste anymore of his career and sell out for a championship at all costs. It's just the nature of the NBA nowadays.

I'm fans of certain players, and as an extent I would like to see their team do well. But when that player leaves, I couldn't care less about that team anymore. I go to wherever that player went... rinse, repeat.

However, I'm a Charlotte fan first and foremost. Doesn't matter what player I like... if they're playing the Hornets I want the Hornets to win.

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