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State Of Franchise - 6/11/15

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Definitely worth attending this year...

Will be excited to hear Quinn first hand...

I am sure any PSL talk wil be blocked somehow...

I realize it is an important issue, but I feel very strongly that it have its own venue. SOTF should be about the actual Falcons and their play.

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There will be no Falcons sponsored venue or group event to discuss PSL's...

Sales are handled by a third party and there is no desire to engage angry season ticket holders directly...

My thought is that there could be 1-2 angry enough to raise the issue... Personally, I would not... But some are angry enough to...

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I still don't understand why Quinn wants Kroy at LEO instead of SAM, but I guess he'll play a bit of both.

It was fun to watch though. Disappointed only Money said he was looking forward to beating the Ain'ts the most, but Free's answer was pretty epic too.

Also, was it just me or did JJ kind of slam Smitty when he talked about the new camp atmosphere? He said something like "Some HC's just tell you what they want you to do and then that's the last you hear of it, Quinn stays and makes sure you get it done and helps you do it" (Not a direct quote, but that was the general idea if anyone remembers him saying it).

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