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Sec Meetings In Destin.. A New Proposal.

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I hope this passes. I can't see any logical and legitimate reason for it not to. maybe some coaches want to bring in that type of player, but the ADs and Presidents will have a hard time trying to explain wny they are okay with bringing in players who have assault a women or have done a violent act to get kicked out of school.


Also the SEC needs to get this ridiculous "cost of living" under control. it does not cost that much more to go to auburn or tennessee than it does to go to georgia. the cost of living is not another way for certain programs to try to buy players.

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(From Volquest)

It is believed the SEC will discuss rules prohibiting its member schools from accepting players booted from other programs within the league, as well as examining its policies regarding the signing of any player who brings known previous academic or "serious" behavioral problems into the league

Lastly, with graduate-transfer moves a trendy topic of late after former Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson last week landed at Florida State following visits to FSU and some SEC schools, the league also is expected to deliberate this matter and other cases involving the recruitment and signing of players. As one source in Nashville told us recently, "it's something of a response to the Jonathan Taylor deal." Taylor first signed with the University of Georgia, was dismissed from the school and signed with Alabama after time in junior college. Taylor, however, was dismissed from the Alabama program in late-March following an additional legal incident.

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