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Braves At Dodgers, 5/25-5/27


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Rosenthal said Stults and/or Cahill will be headed to LA as well. All players involved going to LA are said to be "non-impact"

So I guess that means we are getting no impact in return just juggling salaries and under performing players.

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If he ever figures out how to hit, he'll be dangerous...

Bethancourt in May: .250/.273/.375

Pierzynski in May: .157/.204/.216

Completely meaningless short sample size numbers that should nevertheless blow up the "hot hand" argument for keeping Bethancourt benched.

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It's been scientifically proven that sliding into 1st slows you down and actually takes more time to get there than running through the base. But guys still do it. Why? Don't give me this "it's just a mindset" bull. It needs to stop and its good to know that some organizations are fining minor leaguers who do it. But we need to get it to stop. Seeing guys get hurt doing it like Chris Johnson this year and Martin Prado several years ago just pisses me off.

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