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Braves At Dodgers, 5/25-5/27


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I'm hoping he comes up big and justifies it, but I have a feeling he'll be a 'pen lefty... that we already have in Shreve.

As we continue to discuss our off-season decisions, this is the type of trade that's most interesting for the debate itself. If we were rebuilding, it made sense to cede the season for a younger player with Mariano Rivera talent. If we were trying to win this season, the bullpen wounds were self-inflicted.

I actually liked that trade at the time, and Banuelos seems like he's just about ready, walk issues notwithstanding. Every time we have an inning like last night, though, I wince and think about that deal.

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Callaspo has been scratched for Ciriaco again. Ken Rosenthal says Callaspo decided to accept the deal and Uribe will be a Brave for tomorrow's game. Deal is pending Manfred's approval due to the cash involved

I'm interested to see who the minor leaguers are as that seems to be what the deal is more about.

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