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Ecf Game 2 Thread : Hawks Vs Cavs @ Atl

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Is it ok to be critical now or no? Is remaining positive going to lead to a comeback?

I just need to know since I'm not up on the rules of being a real fan.

Lol, I think its ok to criticize at this point. It doesn't mean you aren't rooting for a comeback.

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Fuk it I'm still TRUE TO ATLANTA!!

Unless you(Baze) and your teammates are going to actually show up and at least make this a series, I suggest you STFU and stop giving Cavs more reason to embarrass you.

Thats Al all day everyday

Guest Homer the Brave

We've played this stupid 3-2 zone mess constantly and it doesn't work. That's on the coach, not the players :l

Though the players aren't helping any.

Bud got this group of mediocre players to this point. I am putting NOTHING on that treasure of a coach.

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