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Uab Football First Step In Hidden Agenda To Crush Undergrad Programs At Uab.

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first off this is pretty shocking on why they are killing off UAB and UAH basically.. however what's best for alabama by this board is all that matters and alabama the school and their debt definitely not the students of the state of alabama or anyone else for that matter. it's disgusting to be frank.


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The situation is really bad in Birmingham. When I was in school there the rumors of shutting down the undergrad program were in the air but they were little more than just whispers at the time. UAB originated as just a graduate and professional school but the undergrad program has rapidly overshadowed UA and the people in power are jealous of the success at UAB. I still have friends on the faculty there who have constantly denied the push to end the undergrad program but they are beginning to see the light. I'm very proud of the degree I received at UAB and its a shame to see this happening.

Unfortunately the root of the problem does not end with the UA BOT. This is a state wide corruption at all levels of education. The high school I graduated from in Montgomery perennially ranks in the top 10-20 public high schools in the entire country in academics despite a lack of funding and the fact that we were housed in a building from the early 1900s in one of the worst parts of town that hasn't been renevated in decades and the BOE is always slashing funds to the school. This past year our school was moved from that building to an old mall that has been shut due to high crime and a lack of upkeep. I hate to see such great institution for education being dismantled by individuals in power that care nothing about improving education in the state.

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I'm guessing Auburn isn't part of the University of Alabama system like how we're all interlocked in Georgia (thank god for them)

they can bully and basically gut the undergraduate programs at UAH and UAB.. if they tried to screw over Auburn you would have a whole different type fight.. it would end up in the courts. we had our own issues in the state of Georgia. Georgia Tech tried for many years with UGA to stop then from offering the same engineering programs because they didn't want to compete with UGA on that level. However the Board finally approved UGA's request and now UGA added those additional programs that GTU offered. It's a win win for students. Gives them more options and more choices. Fortunately not one school in our state owns the controls of what happens at the universisy level like they do at alabama.. everything in bama is done for the sake of alabama.. so if bama is in huge debt it's okay in their own warped mind to gut other universities so they can try and make up for their pathetic management of spending or overspending.

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