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Drop Kick Solves Extra Point Dilemna


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There is an easy and exciting solution that the NFL should have considered. Put ball on 2 yard line and drop kick only for one (no holder allowed) or go for 2 with run. Defense scores 2 on safety or any return to opponents end zone.

I remember my papa talking about how back years ago (30s, 40s, 50s) they would drop kick the ball for a FG.

Doug Flutie did it on a PAT a number of years ago.

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The Steelers would occasionally line up as if they where going for it on fourth down. Basically, try to draw the defense offsides then if no luck, snap it to big Ben and let him pooch it out of shotgun.

That has been done by teams for quite a few years. Randall Cunningham ended up with 20 career punts like that.

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Guest Homer the Brave

Why would you punt on 3rd down?:blink:

I asked the same thing. Bobby Dood is a Tech legend, so if he did it, it must have been cutting edge and intelligent, just like his decision to pull Tech out of the SEC. Then they name a stadium after him for making the one decision that ruined Tech football forever.

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