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Goodell Changing The Game.....again

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Extra-point attempts have been moved from the two- to 15-yard line, though two-point conversions will continue to take place from the two-yard line.

That means PATs will now be 33 yards instead of 20. It's a drastic change, not one everyone was necessarily asking for. There will now be big games decided by missed extra points. The league also implemented another rule change, awarding two points for botched PATs or two-point conversions that are returned for a score by the defense. That rule was already employed by the NCAA.
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Im not sure how making every play matter makes the game worse?

Noting is given. Everything is earned. Pretty much sums up the attitude of the NFL. If thats true, why should we basically "give" away points?

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So at what point does the nfl turn this game into a Fing joke. Lets say we make one drastic change each year until it ain't football anymore.

I used to stick up for Goodell but I am growing sick of this man... The national panzy league is coming to a theatre near you.

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