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Mark Brunell's 1St And 2Nd Tier Quarterbacks

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Cam Newton, Kaepernick, guys like that aren't great QBs but they are highly marketable. That's why their names tend to sift towards the top of ESPN lists.

Matt Ryan is one of the least marketable QB's because he's boring (that's a good thing) and he does his job without making a fuss. I guarantee you if Matt Ryan had come into the league with a scandal or did a superman celebration everytime he scored, he'd show up on more ESPN stuff.

It's about ratings, not about accuracy. It's the same reason why places like Fox News is so popular. It's not about facts, it's about entertainment.

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That's fair, but the best example I have that it was MS is the Detroit game. At the end of the first half, Ryan was going no huddle and getting ready to go to work. Mike Smith called him down and made Ryan take a knee. THAT is lack of killer instinct.

Exactly the time when I stopped defending Mike Smith. We have got to put our boot on peoples necks when we have them down. Taking the foot off the gas costs you games. Making zero adjustments guarantees you will lose.

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Yes, because ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC are all about the facts and not pushing an agenda.....ok

I completely agree with you. I was just using Fox News as an example. They ALL do it. It's why I don't watch any of it.

and it's why I don't care when Jamie Dukes says the Falcons suck or when the media seems to have 24/7 coverage of Johnny freakin Manzeil the Browns backup QB. It's all about ratings.

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Probably right but it does speak to how Matt Ryan has been underwhelming as of late.

He is quietly putting up decent numbers but many pundits just don't see anything special to declare he is an upper echelon QB.

The Rock agrees. Matt Ryan isn't a 1st tier QB but he is definitely a second tier QB. Extremely Smart QB most of the time but below average physical talent.
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