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Mark Brunell's 1St And 2Nd Tier Quarterbacks

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Out of all these dumb lists analysts make regarding QBs this is probably my all time favorite. They get their own dang category.



(Also this one is based off of tangible evidence and not some BS opinion)

Teddy Bridgewater and Matt Schaub are in the same category as Andrew Luck. Got it.

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I learned how horrible QBR is the day I learned that Charlie Batch was credited as having a perfect score in a game in which he threw 2 interceptions and one of the TDs he threw as a defection off a defender's hand against the Bucs several years ago.

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Matt Ryan snubbed.

1st Tier

Aaron Rodgers

Andrew Luck

Ben Rothlisberger

Drew Brees

Peyton Manning

Philip Rivers

Tom Brady

Tony Romo

2nd Tier

Andy Dalton

Cam Newton

Carson Palmer

Colin Kaepernick

Eli Manning

Jay Cutler

Joe Flacco

Matthew Stafford

Russel Wilson

Ryan Tannehill

Holy Crap the Falcons and their players are constantly crapped upon by the Media.

He must have just forgotten about Ryan. Nobody in their right mind will pick Tannehill, Wilson, Kapernick, Palmer, Cutler, Dalton, and Newton over Matt Ryan. Imagine what Seattle would be if Matt Ryan and Russell Wilson switched places.

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