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Devon (Rockhead) Johnson, Rb, Marshall

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Devon Johnson is definitely a guy to keep an eye on in 2015...

6-1, 240+ lbs. He's spent time at TE, LB, FB and HB, and excelled at every spot. Great on special teams, good hands, can block and runs like a taller Michael Turner. Extremely athletic for his size (~ 4.6 forty).

I think he could be a full-time HB in the right system, but for us I think he'd be better used as a FB/goal line runner and special teams ace.

2014 stats:

rushing attempts: 206

rushing yards: 1767 (8.58 YPC)

rushing TD's: 17

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Doubt we draft a RB next year. I especially doubt we draft one before 6th.

Really why? Antoine Smith is a FA, so we'd only have Coleman and Freeman on the roster. FB is hardly a spot we're set at either.

Devon Johnson will probably go in the later rounds anyway and I'd want him as a fullback.

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We only have 2 running backs under contract after next season so we will have to address it whether its FA or the draft. Maybe Jerome Smith will be ready to be elevated from the practice squad by then.

I'm actually hoping that he plays well enough to make the roster this year. Last year, he only caught passes, on the few plays in which he was on the field. He's a bruiser. Let him bruise.

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