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Dimarco Vs Mooney

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DiMarco is the incumbant but has a new staff to impress.

Mooney is essentially a 29 year old rookie after a SR year at army with 1339 yards rushing and 8 tds. That was way back in 2008 though. He served military time and went undrafted in 2012 and has yet to catch on(2012, 13). He was an amazing runner as a FB in college(SR year) but that was forever ago. Most NFL FB's are undrafted or street free agent that make a team a couple tries later. This year alone though saw 4 FB's drafted in rd 4, 5, and 6(x2). Half the teams in the league dont even have a FB. Paul Lasike would probably have been our FB if we had signed him. He is the only FB on ARZ's roster. Mooney has a shot but DiMarco does offer a good tackle on ST's here and there. He is also decent out of the backfield aside from the occasional drop(5) although the frequency at which he is thrown to is occasional as well(14). Both could get cut in leui of a street free agent let go after final cuts. Thats how a lot get the FB job, when signing a CFA is a swing and a miss or wasting a draft pick blows up in your face(Bradie Ewing).

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