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I feel like now is a good time to add that even though three of our starters were drafted in the first round, only one was drafted in the top 10. Almost everyone else on the team either went in the second round or was a UDFA. To win 60 games with that bunch AND produce FOUR All-Stars (and Korver went to his first All-Star game at the young and tender age of 33) is nothing short of mind-bogglingly astounding.

Knowing this, you cannot convince me that Kerr was more deserving of COTY than Bud. This squad was on NO ONE'S radar to be among the top seeds and competing for a spot in the NBA Finals. Golden State was.

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Go radio silent when you're being flat out owned?

Show up when our best defender tears his knee.

Serious question. Are you a troll?

Not sure how I was getting "owned". I thought we were discussing the greatness of the Hawks and the greatness of Coach Bud.

Even with Demare Carroll the Hawks still would have lost.

But that shouldn't matter. Especially with the way Coach Bud coaches and is so masterful.

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Why the **** are you having this conversation?

Like honestly. You act like a 12 year old brat. Have an honest conversation or talk with yourself.

You used the word "like" to begin a sentence as if you were a valley school girl and accuse me of being 12.

The irony. Oh the hilarity.

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As always, Atl teams prove the media right. Atl teams never want to rise up and prove them wrong. They never use their criticism as fuel to prove them wrong. Nope, they just cave and prove them right. Somehow, Atl teams seem to always get the mentality weak players. Talented players that can coast in the regular season, but not mentally tough enough to handle the pressure of playoff elimination. Can't handle the pressure of turning Atl into a championship city.

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