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#1 Hawks Vs #5 Wizards Game 6 Thread. Let's End It!

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The amazing thing is, we haven't even played well the entire postseason, and look where we are. Amazing

I still can't believe it man. I really can't. It's so hard being a fan of Atlanta/Georgia sports...just hard...I said we would win 50 games before the season on Twitter and got laughed at...I said we

No body will give us a shot, but we got a chance. This is where we will miss Thabo though.

They are beatable if the refs allow it. Got to guard the 3pt line better than we have for months now. I think we did OK the last couple of games here.

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Proud of this team. Everybody and their Mother outside of ATLANTA and many of the sorry pukes that moved to this city over the years wanted to see the Hawks throw up on themselves. We are in the conference finals biatches!

Hey, I'm outside of Atlanta. In fact I live just 10 minutes from DC. Still True to Atlanta though.

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Shout out to bigblkdog, zone, and atlfan for being here from the jump.

DB you get no shot out. Much like Mike Scott tonight, you will not be called upon biggrin.png

THANK YOU! WOR!! Same to y'all here since Day 1 ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!biggrin.pngcool.png

I swear we make the Finals I might just lose it.

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