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Brief Video Primer On Why Pero Antic Shoots 3's . . .


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This might be self explanatory . . .

But if it isn't, the explanation is that Horford is able to make this block because he is guarding Gortat, who is hanging inside the lane under the basket. When Nene puts up the shot, Horford is already right there to come off his man and make the block.

When the Hawks are on offense, Antic (and Horford and Moose) spend a lot of time hanging at the perimeter. All three of them are effective enough from outside that if you don't have someone out there putting a hand in their face, they are going to burn you.

We might not like seeing Antic only hitting 30% of three's and taking a lot of them, but we DO like seeing Carroll wide open for back door inside passes and our guards getting to the hoop. Those things are not going to happen if our big man is inside . . .bringing THE defense's big man inside and a presence to defend everything else moving inside.



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