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Bruce Irvin Tells Bso He Wants To Play For Falcons

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After the Hawks game on Wednesday, Seahawks DE Bruce Irvin, told me a very bold statement.

“I’m going to be in Atlanta next season. I’m ready,” said Irvin in response to my question about where he wants to be after his contract his up.

Irvin, who is from Atlanta, was informed by the Seahawks before the draft that they will not pick up the 5th year option on his rookie deal. Irvin to the Falcons has been a rumor more than once this offseason and the Seahawks reportedly are still trying to work out a trade for him.

I asked Irvin if the Seahawks “showed him the money”, would he stay and he said:

“Atlanta is where I want to be. Believe that,” said Irvin.


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I'd be all for having something we haven't had in a long long time...2 pass rushers on the roster at the same time.

"Atlanta Seahawks" >>>>>>>>>>>>> "Atlanta Jaguars".

The fact that Quinn is so highly regarded bodes very well for the Atlanta Falcons future. What I mean is that it not only attracts his past players but the word gets around the nfl too. So now free

Where's he playing here? Can't ever have enough pass rushers but with Beasley and Reed where does he fit

Wherever Quinn wants him to. A rotation usually beats hanging your hat on one guy.

And Irvin is an upgrade to Reed without question. And possibly to Beasley situationally (since we don't really know yet what Beasley excels at).

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If Irvin does indeed want to be a falcon there's no doubt we can make room. Irvin is a pretty **** good player. I also suspect he could up his numbers some here too.

I love the clout that Quinn has with these guys. They clearly really did love playing for him. Irvin is the very epitome of "long and fast." We can make room for him.

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It would be awesome to have two true hometown GA guys here together, getting after it. This state produces a lot of talent in every sport but our pro teams seem to let it get away. Bruce and Vic bringing their home team its first championship...If the price is right, make it happen!

Don't forget Jarrett's from Georgia too. The D-line is going to be very passionate about defending the dome.

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