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Newborn Baby Falcon Pictures (Human Not Bird)

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I did these for a member on here and gave him a discount with being a falcon fan. Anyhow I been meaning to show everyone here the pictures and forgot, sorry. I have a ton of falcon props. From a Georgia state with the falcon logo made out of wood, a piggy bank (wish I would have turned it in these pictures to show it more), several scarfs, signed footballs and gloves (from tuggle to Beasley), small trains and cars and etc etc. So if you ever want new born pictures, or just want to throw on a falcon helmet on or pro bowl helmet to do a picture, hit me up. I also do the pictures for Atlanta Steam (womens lingerie football) for any women who want some pictures.




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awesome pics bro. what equipment do you use???? also did you make that Georgia falcon wood piece?? if so can you make more?????

my camera is a nikon d7000 with a 50mm f/1.8. Then my Canon is a 7d mk ii with a 70-200 f2.8 mk ii. Then my lights are elinchrom elc 500. The Canon and lens cost me 4 grand. Then the lights cost 2 grand.

I always look for making the best pictures.

If you are in the gwinnett area, hit me up for the Georgia wood sign. If you really want one like it, I can ship it to you.

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These pix are of my son. MUNKY did a great job and I recommend him to anyone on here!! Still haven't gotten through all the pictures he took! Good guy though if anyone needs any pix done!

thank you. I was going to mention you, but was unsure if you wanted your name mentioned or not.

Y'all were wonderful and thank you so much for having me.

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