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Who In Rc Needs To Wipe Their Vag?

Falcon Man™

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treeshitty might be the worst thing to join RC since donut. And I mean that in the most sincere way possible. Just. Plain. Garbage.

Just my opinion. Not bashing or anything...laugh.png

You are entitled to your opinion as sandy as your vag may be.

It's good to know I've rattled you so much...


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Trying to use Dago's line I see.

Nice try woman.

Rattled? laugh.png

I just think your agenda and pansy little routine is played out. IGNORE.

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C'mon man. You don't mean that...

...you know I'm your number 1 boo!

Go jump off a cliff

All of you go back to your houses on WHORE ISLAND!!!!

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He's a pompous, self righteous egotistical, Napoleon complex having, microphallus *************.lol

Maybe lol, but like i said, after reading some of the stuff on ABF, and how he argues his points, he's a smart dude, and i can respect that.

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