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Falcons Rookie Minicamp: What They Said

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The Falcons' first, second and third round picks spoke to the media following the first day of rookie minicamp, sharing their thoughts on their first day in the NFL environment and more.

Eighth-overall pick Vic Beasley was pleased with his performance the first day. "I thought I did pretty well. Got to work with a couple of guys that will eventually be my teammates," Beasley said. "Just ready to get started and see what Coach Quinn has in store."

The speed of the pro game is a big adjustment for every player. "I think it's a big difference [transitioning from college to the pros]," Beasley said. "I think ... the speed of the game is very different, and just adapting to the game will be a challenge for me, and just out here getting started, I think I'm getting ahead, sort of."

A big storyline from the NFL Draft was the Falcons' decision to draft Beasley and his Clemson teammate, Grady Jarrett. Beasley said it's nice to have a familiar face on the team. "Oh, yeah, that's real fun -- a former teammate of mine," Beasley said. "Just ready to get started with him and look forward to having another great year and years to come with him."

It's nice for Beasley and Jarrett because of the level of familiarity they have with each other. "Me and Grady, we ran stunts at Clemson and we play off each other," Beasley said. "He knows what I like to do; I know what he likes to do. So it's a great fit for us."

Many have wondered why Beasley chose 44 as his jersey number. The answer is very simple. "I was the eighth pick. Four plus four equals eight," Beasley said.

Cornerback and second rounder Jalen Collins was held out of the first day of rookie minicamp as he continues to recover from the foot surgery he underwent following theNFL Combine. "I had surgery after the Combine, and we're just making sure I'm 100 [percent]," Collins said. He said his recovery and rehab are going well.

Even though Collins is sidelined, he's still enjoying this experience. "Going through all the meetings and seeing those guys out there, it's been really good," Collins said. "I've been away from it for a long time, but just seeing everybody go at it, it's kind of gotten me excited, and I'm just trying to have fun with all of it."

Collins is also trying to make the most of this time, not just to learn all he can, but to support his teammates as well as he can. "[i'm] trying to learn everything that I can, making sure I know all the calls, trying to help other guys with stuff that I know," Collins said.

On the realization that he's actually a NFL player now, Collins said, "Honestly, it's just an honor and a blessing to be in the NFL and with the Atlanta Falcons. It's a dream come true, and I'm just happy to be here."

Collins does not have a preference on playing the right or the left side. "Corner is corner," Collins said. "I play both sides."

Running back Tevin Coleman, the Falcons' third-round selection, had a good first day of minicamp. "It was a good experience, just getting back out, running football drills and football stuff," Coleman said. "So it was really exciting to be back out there."

Coleman said he does feel a little pressure coming in to compete for the bulk of the carries. "I mean, it's a little bit of pressure, but I'm just here to compete and do the best that I can, and things will fall how they will," Coleman said. "I'm just here to work hard and compete."

On the speed of the game, Coleman said that facing better competition is the biggest factor. "You've just got to go hard every play and go hard every down," Coleman said. "So the speed changes because it's better guys, bigger guys, faster guys, so of course it will be a different change, but that's what we're here working on."

The night before minicamp began, Coleman realized his dream of playing in the NFL had become reality. "Last night, I was just like, man, this is it right here," Coleman said. "This is what I dreamed of. So I'm here, and let's get it rolling."

Coleman's experience running zone schemes makes him confident that he fits the Falcons' plans for this season. "I think I'm a great fit," Coleman said. "I mean, running outside zone, inside zone, running a lot of stretch plays, so it's a big advantage for me."

Pass blocking is an important part of playing the running back position at the NFL level, and Coleman feels prepared to do that well. "I can [pass protect] really successfully," Coleman said. "I did that at Indiana and I did it good. So it's not a problem to go out there and pass protect. It's not a problem for me, and I can do it."

We'll have more news and notes from the second day of rookie minicamp on the site later day.

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"Me and Grady, we ran stunts at Clemson and we play off each other," Beasley said. "He knows what I like to do; I know what he likes to do. So it's a great fit for us."

This strikes a chord with me. Knowing a former DT that was fortunate enough to hear Peyton Manning make the "whhheegh" sound after a sack said it's all about the setup. Repetitive moves to train the o-line and then changing moves at the right moment for the kill. That takes chemistry and those two have a couple years at it, Can't help but think this is a good thing having two draft picks that can grow together for at least the next 3 years.

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I am sorry, but the UGA fans are killing me. laugh.png

I'm a UGA fan, and this is the best draft we've had in years. I would have loved Gurley, but I understood we couldn't ignore pass rush anylonger. There is no way we could have known how far Gregory or Ray would fall when we were picking at 8. We did the right thing, and Tevin Coleman ain't a bad consolation prize.

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Same here. I love the dawgs. Had we drafted Gurley I would have been disappointed however. There is no way you don't select Vic Beasley at 8...no way. We took arguably the best pass rusher in the draft at a position that has needed an upgrade for years.

Clearly we played the draft to perfection and i don't mind saying that lady luck shined on us. The stars aligned with the Beasley pick and the rewards just kept piling up round after round.

Coverage and pass rush are tied to one another. So not only did we get a potential 1st round corner with one of the highest upsides in the draft but by getting the Jarrett Steel in the 5th we amplified the pass rush with a nasty tandem. Bingo, a top corner coupled with that nasty Clemson Duo & we have something special.

The fact that Tevin Coleman was staring us in the face at #3 just amazes me. Almost like we were being rewarded for making the smart decision in the first round. I swear, if we see trolling on here in the future with Swiftlike Gurley Garbage, it'll be a true indication that some folks are hanging onto an unhealthy, selfish infatuation with Gurley.

Couple Coleman with with our new starting slot reciever & we actually turned a prolific offense into a downright scary one!!

We take Gurley at 8 & you can bet our draft would never have hit the lotto the way it did.... We should all be so fired up and thankful for the bounty of talent we picked up. Guys... I think we actually found 5 nfl starters!!! Let that marinate in your noggin for awhile....

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Man I wanted Gurley but I'm with Hash on this I think with the new staff they have on paper anyway have down right hit the lottery with the picks they had by sticking.

We'll just have to wait and see how it pans out down the road.

Gurley isn't a Falcon so I've moved on theres no use holding onto baggage and much like Hash mentioned Coleman isn't a bad consolation prize.

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