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Technical Question (Posting Pictures)

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Quick question for some of you tech savvy peeps here on the boards. How do you post an image so that it looks full size on the page and not some attachment that you have to click and open? I ask because when I go to training camps every summer I take photos of the players and figured since we all love our Birdz I can post some of the better ones that were taken and share them with you guys. Heck, I even have pictures of past training camps I can share now when I figure out how to post them correctly. Thanks in advance!

P.S.- The photos are shot with a DSLR camera, so you're not going to be seeing grainy cell phone pictures tongue.png

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Might do that or just use Photobucket, hate taking all of the pictures and having almost no one besides close friends and family being able to see them

imgur is alot faster from all of my experiences. But you'll figure out which works best for you
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