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Post Your Favorite Mc's Greatest 200 Verses

Atlien 404

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Armed and dangerous ain't too many can bang with us

straight up weed no angel dust, label us notorious.

Thug *** n*ggas that love to bust, it's strange to us

you all n*ggas be scrambling,

gambling up in restaurants with mandolins and violins.

We just sittin' here trying to win, try not to sin high off weed and lot's of gin

so much smoke need oxygen steadily

countin' them Benjamins.

N*igga you should too, if you knew, what this game'll do to you

been in this **** since '92 look at all the ******** I been through

so called beef with you know who **** a few female stars or two

then a blue light n*ggas knew like Mike-**** not to be **** wit.

*********** better duck quick 'cause me and my dogs love to buck ****,

**** the luck **** strictly aim no aspiration to quit the game.

The Notorious B.I.G.

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