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I Wonder What Smitty Is Doing Now ?

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He'll take a year off, probably get a DC job and then become a head coach again in the next few years.

I was going to say "gardening -- he already has the hat."

Then I read this and remembered I like Smitty, so I defer to your correct answer.

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Knitting a nice sweater,

he's started out on the neck, has the torso planned out, and will do the sleeves with stripes. He plans to do well in all 3 phases of the sweater, and put it all together in a complete 60 minutes. His Kangol hat is off to all those wonderful old ladies out there not missing any leverage when they crochet.

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Enjoying the time off and his money. Im sure he sold his house and disappeared.

I remember one thing he said after the loss to Carolina. 'I wish I would have done things differently'.

Once he gets another coaching job. He does what Reid did in kansas city. Learns his lesson,gets a consultant and have a winning season with some team.

If he doesn't take a dc position first.

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He's got a year off WITH PAY. I would wager golf and grand kids.

No grandkids yet, his daughter is in high school. Golf definitely, he still lives in Atlanta, and he did an extended family vacation in the Caribbean a couple months back.

EDIT - I nearly forgot. He's also laughing at Gazoo's recent thread.

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