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My Challenge To Rc Posters

Falcon Man™

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The only whiney little girl I've seen here lately is WFW.......well, he and Dave/Reece. I warned everyone here months and months ago the dizzy ****** wanted to make RC his one personal little fiefdom. With a mods help he seems to succeeding. If Monoxide allows him to do this....a pox be thrust upon he and his entire family for the next thousand generations!

I'll check back once training camp starts to see if he's been allowed to turn this place to complete ****.

I'm just done with this crap. Its you all's turn to deal with this self-absorbed egomaniac.

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Dude move the **** on.. There are enough RC members here that we don't need to quote or reply to each other.. I don't have **** to do with you.. The fact you still have teeth in your mouth is a personal insult to me..

So just go about your got dam business and act like I don't exist...

So apparently at least ONE person cannot handle my challenge.

This is exactly the horsecrap I was referring to.

Get over it. This place has become a zoo of negativity and personal arguments over the last few days and as a long time poster here in RC, I would appreciate if it stopped.

I've said it before, sometimes it takes a little while to adapt to the culture in RC. You have a little goof with another poster for an hour or so, then it's time to move on.

Go Falcons!

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You do know you're saying it to somebody.. So their Kissing their own member.. Not your.. Hahaha

Wow are you asking for something..

That went WAY over your head, and I understand, you are THAT ignorant.

Here, check this out. I'll show you how this works...

Reece: KYS (Kissing Your Schlong)

Treefiddy: No you can not kiss my schlong you homo...

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