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2015 Nfl Draft: Atlanta Falcons Cb Kevin White Among Best Udfa Signees

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2015 NFL draft: Atlanta Falcons CB Kevin White among best UDFA signees

By James Rael on May 6, 2015, 10:54p

Atlanta Falcons cornerback Kevin White isn't your average undrafted free agent. He's a talented defensive back that wasn't selected in the NFL draft because he's small (5'9 and 183 pounds) and slow (4.63 40 yard dash at the Combine). But remember, the league is full of guys like White. Over 30 percent of NFL rosters are comprised of UDFAs. And according to Pro Football Focus, as UDFAs go, White could be special.

The second of our trio of undrafted cornerbacks, White grabbed our attention with a solid performance against West Virginia’s wide receiver of the same name. The second wide receiver of the board in this year’s draft could only muster one reception for eight yards from the seven passes thrown to him in White’s coverage. On the season, he allowed a quarterback rating of 66.3 on throws into his coverage, coming away with seven pass breakups and three interceptions.

What Pro Football Focus doesn't reference are his passes defended, of which White had 13 in 2014. White has a reputation for making up ground quickly and remaining composed, even when it appears he's beat. He is tenacious on the field, and you'd be hard pressed to find a more competitive guy.

While not a complete match, he does remind me of another UDFA cornerback the Falcons plucked out of obscurity: Brent Omar Grimes. Not because he's particularly athletic; simply because he doesn't let his size dictate his on-the-field results. Unlike Grimes, White was projected as a fourth or fifth round draft pick. It seems teams simply couldn't overlook his lack of impressive measurables.

Look, I fully understand White's status. I fully understand he's a rookie UDFA who hasn't played a single NFL snap. But notwithstanding those labels, the kid may surprise all of us. By "surprise all of us," I don't mean to suggest he will become a perennial Pro Bowl candidate. If he can capably develop into the team's 4th cornerback, it's still one heck of a signing.


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