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Home Page Draft Setup?

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Am I the only one that thought the Home page for AtlantaFalcons.com just flat out stunk when the draft was going on?

I say this because, the home page Atlantafalcons.com during the draft for me just flat out sucked using my Mobile, then trying to view things on my PC everything was an opinionated montage or multiple opinions rather than the normal page where you have options as to what you want to read about and learn about the players. A bunch of twitter crap and crap making assumptions somebody isn't smart enough to find out who is who. I mean why not have the normal front page and just list the information about the person along with a TWITTER address?

I mean, If I wanted TWITTER I would have went to TWITTER, if I wanted FACEBOOK, well, I no longer use that site but it looked a lot like that.

I suspect this post will get zapped. But it's honest, and sometimes the truth hurts but the coverage on the HOMEPAGE of this site during the draft just flat out sucked because it laid the normal coverage in the backfield to where you couldn't get to it.

I guess it all has to do with sponsors, but the bottom line is during the draft I come to this sites main page and all I saw was TWITTER post and crap like that. Nothing original at all.

I am disappointed with the coverage honestly.

In years past considering at those times with the technology at least you would get some type of direct interview, or something meaningful rather than some TWITTER BS...........

Oh well........... Just my opinion..... I thought the coverage on the main page of this site should have been a players interview rather than a enforced VIEWING setup with opinions by the people broadcasting the so called information from them.......


FLAME AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

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Yeah, I didn't like the coverage, because there wasn't any! It was all opinionated and TWITTER, no interviews directly with the players, and facts were based on OTHERS OPINIONS also. Very poor coverage in my OPINION if you ask me.

Not only that, I wanted to go to the normal Falcons home page and could not do so. Why you may ask? Uh, because I wanted to. For whatever reason, I mean STATS, Players age, or whatever.......

The coverage of this draft just STUNK on this site if you ask me. That's the whole point........

How do you feel about this draft coverage? I felt like the lights were turned off on this site from fear of the expectations of others thoughts. I mean really...... Seriously....... WTH............. This site just cowed down at the most important time of the year for this team because of what? Because SOME REAL FAN MIGHT HAVE AN OPINION THAT MIGHT NOT BE FAVORABLE TO THE FRANCHISE?????? Uh.......... Just saying.....................

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I didnt like that it was force fed. If you want to have ur own draft coverage thing, cool, but let me access the main website if I really dont care about it.

You nailed it man! Wish I could click LIKE more than one for you with that response. Maybe others will do so before this thread get's zapped I suspect.

That's the whole point of this thread. Don't take away everything a person has got to hold on to just so you can try and sell something to them they already can't afford.

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IIRC there was a "go to main site" button.

In previous years, you were able to circumvent it, by googling some other part of the site, and going there directly, but this year you couldn't. I actually tried going to both the roster page, and the coaches page, and got a page not displayed, or something like that, notice every time.

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