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Rookies Jersey Numbers

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The rookies set to join the Falcons as offseason work continues have chosen their jersey numbers, and Vic Beasley will be wearing a number in the 40s

The Falcons' drafted Rookie Club has chosen their jersey numbers. Here's the list:

Vic Beasley - No. 44

Jalen Collins - No. 32

Tevin Coleman - No. 26

Justin Hardy - No. 16

Grady Jarrett - No. 97

Jake Rodgers - No. 65

Akeem King - No. 28

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I actually like 44, its different .

On a side note.... The Cowboys gave Randy Gregory Demarcus Ware's old number.

Yeah, the Cowboys tend to give their most notable numbers in their team history to players that Jerry thinks will be "The Next Cowboy Great" at certain positions.

That is why Dez Bryant got #88(Drew Pearson, Micheal Irvin)

#94 was held by HOF Charles Haley as well.

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A little surprised Vic didn't try to get 43 to at least in corporate his old college number. My personal choice would have been 53 or 93 but those were taken already. I do wonder if the nature of his position would allow him to use a DL number as well as LB number since he is effectively a lineman but plays like a blitzing LB.

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