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In Honor Of #flocka4Prez

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I would like to start my own....


My 1st order of business as mod is to ban roguebeaver and W?W. Those noodle heads have been a pain in my you know what. Same can possibly go for Parmenion and peterpiper.

My 2nd order of business is to welcome back swift with open arms. I know it might be crazy, but the man did give some honest opinions that most of us lack due to homerism.

My final order as a Mod would be to have more cool things floating around inside an outside of our MB. This includes free AFMB T-Shirts at football games,a dislike button,more poll options,meet-an-greet for us Falcon fans at an away game or something along those lines,etc.

But as we all know this is hypothetical because they certainly wouldn't let a kid run these streets? Or would they?

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