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Falcons 53 Man Projection

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QB-Ryan, Renfree


WR-White, Hankerson

WR-Hardy, Hester, Reedy

TE-Tamme, Toilolo, Gardner

RB-Coleman, Freeman, A Smith, J Smith


LT-Baker, Holmes

LG-Schraeder, Ume-Ezeoke

OC-Hawley, Stone


RT-Matthews, Rodgers

LEO-Beasley, Schofield

RT-Hageman, Babinaux, Jarrett

LT-Soliai, Mbu

LDE-Clayborn, Jackson

WLB-Durant, Spruill

MLB-Worrilow, Stupar

SLB-Reed, Biermann, Shembo

RCB-Southward, King


FS-Alford, Therezie

SS-Moore, Ishmael

LCB-Trufant, White




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I think Yates makes it over Renfree based on scheme fit and knowledge. I also don't think we carry 6 WRs -- I think Weems makes it over Reedy. I also don't think Hester is a lock to make the team.

Finally, I don't think we carry 4 RBs plus a FB.

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Guest Dirty Bird Nation ®

Weems and the 4th round pick will make it over Reedy. The rookie will probably make the roster in fact, because it looks bad if your fourth rounder doesn't make the team. Not so sure if we'll keep Jerome Smith. No idea what happens to the left side of the line, but Konz won't be going, and Matthews might be back at LT. No idea what Quinn has in mind for the defensive line except that Beasley and Clayborn will probably be starting.

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