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Grady Jarrett Pick Read By Father Jessie Tuggle

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OK, so apparently the Falcons had none other than Jessie Tuggle himself to read off his son's name as the pick yesterday.

Jarrett said his father Jessie Tuggle read his name off the card at the Falcons draft party at College Football Hall of Fame.

Unfortunately, stupid NFL network, not recognnizing how awesome it would be to have an actual former NFL player read off the name of his newly drafted son, didn't show it. angry.png

Does anyone have the video anywhere? I'd really love to see this. If not, can anyone pm or tweet Jay Adams and see if we can't get it uploaded to the site?

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I'm guessing that she's another season ticket holder and that Tuggle introduced her.

It's a shame that we don't have the whole video. I really wanted to hear him speak. sad.png

I wish he was the one reading the card. Would be cool for him to look down and see his son's name

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Seeing him celebrate was still great.

Agreed. I still really wish that the Falcons could provide the entire clip though, from start to finish, and minus the analysts.

That was a really important moment in Falcons history, and I really believe that it needs to be recorded for posterity.

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I've watched the whole section via game pass.


Everything seemed bit awkward as the Hammer got a little emotional (gave the pick away) right before he turned it over to the girl but it was really an awesome moment in the history of this franchise - legendary Falcon will have his son wearing the same colors.

Not sure about you guys but [DQ] I'm really fired up about this draft class [/DQ].

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The NFL Network AND ESPN both hate the Falcons. So did ABC for so many years. Anyone ever wonder why Tommy Nobis isn't in the HOF? Wonder why Nobis doesn't own the 'official' record for tackles in his rookie season with almost 300 (and that was in 14 game seasons).. This is just one of the reasons I wished we could get out and win several Super Bowls. Just so that we can shove it right back to those NFC East butt kissers...

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