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Really Like The Draft, But Would Like Some Guru Help On Collins Over Rowe

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I didn't scout the corners this year, so I'd like some of the gurus to explain this pick to me.

I really like the draft overall, but thought Rowe was a similar player to Collins, but with more versatility, experience, and fewer character concerns.

They're the same height, weight, and Rowe is slightly faster, quicker, with much more experience and positional versatility.

Does anyone have specific reasons they think we would have taken Collins? In the Quinn vernacular, what is it that Collins does so well, that we'd want to feature, to take him over Rowe?

Thanks for any help. Psyched with this draft, but still haven't been able to understand that pick. If Collins is way better in the air, for instance (going up for contested balls) that would be a reason.

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