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Db#11's Thoughts On The Draft

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The Atlanta Falcons coming into the draft looked like a team that would probably go 6-10.... With the light free agency that TD,Pioli,and Quinn produced compared to what was expected it raised some questions as to what exactly we are/were going for. But I think it's obious by now we are going to be Youngry and a team that plays with a swagger that's gonna be hard to match.

With our first pick we selected Vic Beasley. As a Clemson fan who watched every single game of his last season I would like to say that this mans "poor run defense" is way overblown. This is because most of the time he is either doubled or the run play is going the opposite direction, but I can assure you that Vic canbe a 3 down player. But really this pick had absolutely nothing to do with us trying to get a run stopper considering we have quite a few already (Soliai,Jackson,Matthews,Babs,Hageman,etc.) it was a selection that will help us get QBs on the ground. And let me tell you Vic can bring a QB to the turf. He was by far the best pass rusher in this draft class, and he has a spin move only the great Dwight Freeney can match. I was super pumped when he was selected and I'll remain pumped when he is ending Drew Brees' career.

Jalen Collins was a little something I didn't expect. But when the selection happened it grew on me. Collins is the perfect sidekick for Trufant, and with him now maning the outside this allows Alford to slide inside which makes for a solid young group of CBs. Collins is an all-around solid CB coming from LSU he can tackle RBs,play the press man-to-man,he has good ball skills,etc. So this leads to me once again tipping my cap to Quinn and co.

In TDs worst round historically, we got a 1st round prsopect in Tevin Coleman. Coleman is a Darren McFadden clone in my eyes before all the injuries occurred. He can juke you right out of your shoes, but if he needs to lower his head an plow through you.... Well I hate to tell you but he can and will. Not only is he an excellent runner, but get this he offers everything and more than what Quizz gave us. He can pass protect and he can also catch a pass outta the backfield and get some serious YAC. I mean he put it himself perfectly... "I guarentee I will be the starting RB for the Falcons."

With Roddy getting older we decided in the 4th to snag a young WR prospect in Justin Hardy and this was my favorite pick in our draft. Hardy is a huge upgrade over HD in the slot. He will excell in our elite group of wideouts as I personally look forward to him torching Vacarro with his crisp route running and solid speed. In short this was just another great selection by Stone Cold Dan Quinn.

With our last meaningful selection we got what I believe to be a future pro bowler. Grady Jarrett. Jarrett is the son of great ATL linebacker Jesse Tuggle so you already know he will be playing with that fire to produce just like his dad did for us. Jarrett is a awesome 3-Tech DT that should pair up with Hageman to give us a nice DLINE for multiple years to come.

All in all I couldn't have been happier on the draft days. We filled our needs and I look forward to us winning the NFC South this season. Go Falcons! Rise Up! #Quinning

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